Tax Outsourcing

Tax Outsourcing

Our tax team is expert and proficient in preparation and filing of UK & Irish, US & Canadian tax returns for individuals, corporate and trust. We work through the checklist provided by the accountancy practice and complete the tax returns accordingly.

The tax outsourcing department usually handles SA 100, SA 800, CT 600, Form 11’s, CT 1, US 1040 & 1120’s, T1 and T2 tax returns. Their main aim is to meet the deadlines during tax season and maintain quality standards set by the accountancy practice.

So sit back and relax when you outsource your tax return to Axon

For Americans we use

  • Lacrete
  • Pro Series
  • Taxwise
  • ATX
  • Drake
  • Taxcalc
  • ProFX
  • Oltpro

For Britishers we use

  • PTP Tax
  • Digita
  • Sage Tax
  • Absolute
  • Taxcalc
  • VT
  • IRIS Tax

For Canadians we use

  • DT Max
  • CAN Tax

For AUS.ns we use

  • MYOB AO Tax
  • Handitax

US tax Return Preparation

Form 1040,
Form 1040EZ,
Form 1065,
Form 1120,
Form 1120 S,
Form W2,
Form 1099,
Form 1041,
Sales tax returns

UK tax Return Preparation.

SA 100,
SA 800,
SA 900,
CT 600,
VAT returns
Canadian tax Return Preparation.

AUS.n tax Return Preparation.

Tax return & GST returns
Singapore tax Return Preparation.
HongKong tax Return Preparation.